Deja Vu all over again!

He’s done it again!

Way back in 2005, we had an Aussie staff member (Shane King) who was paid a visit by his younger brother Brett who was a professional inline skater.

Brett stayed for about 10 days but, before leaving, he contributed to this blog and gave us a sketch of his time here at the hostel. It was a generous piece too as he wrote about how staying at the Canadiana hostel in Toronto was a positive and life-altering experience.

You can read it here:

Unannounced, Brett showed up again at the hostel in 2009 and surprised everyone. He was on his way to France determined to learn the language. He is now fluently francophone.

We were in the main building two days ago and ran straight into Brett again! He’s back. Unannounced again! (His visit was not entirely unexpected. A staff member was tracking his movements on Facebook and noted his flight from Singapore to Vancouver. So dropping in on old friends in Toronto seemed a logical step).

It’s always good when old hostel friends return. Most of them call or write ahead signaling their intentions. Not Brett.¬†We think he likes seeing the surprise on familiar faces when he shows up!

Nonetheless, it’s always good to see Brett again. it was a real surprise; but, a very pleasant one, indeed. He’s on his way to France again but plans to live and work in Canada for a time before moving on.

Brett - Canadiana Toronto Hostels in Canada

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