“Young Ron”

A lot of people still refer to hostels as “Youth Hostels”. To call them such is not merely inaccurate; it is straight up wrong.

Hostels (such as ours) merely provide less-expensive lodging for budget minded travelers – of all ages. In a city like Toronto, you would be hard pressed to find a place to stay “downtown” (at least in a safe, decent part of downtown) for less than $150 or up to $300 (and more) a night on average.

In the early days of hostels (when there were precious few of them), many of them did indeed restrict admittance to a younger age demographic only.  That is really a thing of the past. Try as we might, we can’t think of any of the hostels in Canada that restrict entry based on age. (The only exceptions are unaccompanied minors or some “party hostels” deemed “unsuitable for children”.)

“Young Ron” is a retired Canadian electrician who has retired to the mountains near Penticton, BC and often finds himself in Toronto on personal business. Ron is active and healthy in his late seventies. He always opts to stay with us.

We have hosted (with great pleasure) “backpackers” from 8 months old to the mid-eighties. So if you want clean, quality, lower cost accomodation, do not Google Search “Youth Hostels in Toronto”; simply restrict your query to “Hostels in Toronto”.