YOKO-Chan is BACK!

When little Yoko Endo left Toronto at the end of Fall 2011, there were a lot of tears from both Yoko and the many friends she made during her stay.

She came originally to study English and worked at it very dilligently she  now has considerable facility. Her home is a semi-rural community on Shikoku Island in southern Japan and Toronto was virtually her first introduction to life in a large urban centre.

She loved it.

On the day of her departure, she vowed to return very soon and we were sure she would. But even we were surprised how soon she made it back.

At the end of July, Yoko pitched up at the hostel. This time school is not on her agenda. She is here for a month because she loves our city.

Her many friends were anxiously awaiting her return and, as a result, her social schedule is pretty full. With so many friends here we wonder if she see them all in only one month.

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