Holistic Carole

This is going to be just about my favorite blog entry and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to say.

The reason? Well, it is going to be about a lady who is, quite simply, my favorite guest among so many thousands we have hosted.

Carole was with us here for six days and she was so busy that I only met her on her last evening in Toronto. Each morning she was out early exploring the city or heading off to see the Toronto Islands, Royal Ontario Museum; the Metro Zoo; or Niagara Falls. An active lady to say the least.

I (and others too) found her to be a throughly charming, bright, attractive and adventurous lady with a raucous sense of humor and a somewhat maniacal laugh – like a serial killer perhaps.

Carole is what you might call a Holistic Healer. She is practices such New Age concepts such as reflexology, aroma therapy; therapeutic massage (wow!) etc.

She sold her home in London, England while real estate prices are insanely high giving her the freedom (and finances) to travel. She left for home yesterday after a seven-month trip to New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Fiji and Western Canada.

We get a lot of dynamic people coming through the hostel each year. So what makes Carole so special? Well, she has a unique gift and it’s in her attitude towards life, in general and others, in particular. She’s somehow able to convey the feeling that “I’m OK; and so are you!” It’s a heck of a gift.

Thanks Carole. Meeting you has been a rare pleasure!

Holistic Carole - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostel