The walls of our hostel’s “Common Area” is covered with pictures of past guests with an accompanying thumbnail biography. Lots of pictures. And staff are constantly asked the question; “How does a person get their picture on our wall?” Firstly, virtually every backpacker has an interesting story. In fact, it is

An Annual Heat Escape

It seems as if July is the month when a lot of repeat visitors return to our hostels doors in Toronto. A lot of them arrive from the United States, particularly the Southern states. It seems they are “Reverse Snowbirds”.  Snowbirds are Canadians who head south every winter to escape


The 2013 World Championship Ultimate Frisbee Competition is being held right here in Toronto. What is Ultimate Frisbee? Glad you asked. Everyone knows what a Frisbee is. Most of us have played with one made by the Wham-o Company of the U.S.A. It’s a plastic flying disc that evolved from some students at Yale

North America in July

What’s so special about July in North America? It just seems that a lot of important events seem to be associated with the beginning of July. Americans, our neighbours to the south, celebrate their Independence from England in a revolutionary war declared and fought beginning on July 4th, 1776. In


Of all the Toronto Hostels that are centrally located (i.e. “Downtown”) none are more centrally located as our hostel in Toronto. We are virtually in the centre of the Toronto “Entertainment District”. We are right next door to the Toronto Film Festival’s “Lightbox Theatre” HQ, only three short blocks from the iconic Toronto landmark,


All hostels strive to be places of “conviviality”. A hostel’s reputation is built largely on how easily people mix with strangers. Of all the Toronto hostels, we have been called (justifiably) the easiest place for a solo-traveler to meet and mix with fellow backpackers. A lot of it has to do with


B.Y.O.W. = “Bring Your Own Wine”. Not exactly a novel idea; but surprisingly unpopular in Ontario. You might think it would be an attractive alternative for budget minded hostel residents. There has been a voluntary B.Y.O.W. program in Ontario for about 8 years now. There are close to 700 Licenced Establishments


No. Not the talking horse of television fame; but an actor nonetheless. A former actor, that is. Ed Chester was once a member in good standing of the Motion Picture Academy and as such had a vote for the Oscar Award nominees. Our Mr. Ed is a Vagabond (in the very

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