Notable Guests at the Canadiana

Gemma - Canadiana Toronto Backpackers ontario canada


We couldn't possibly have a wall of "Notable Guests" if we didn't include lovely Gemma Brunton from Melbourne. She arrived here (2010) with a 2-year work visa in hand and easily found a employment in the hospitality industry.

Back home she worked in hospitality/public relations, a field to which she is well suited. Gemma rapidly became one of the most popular guests to ever grace our hostel.

We can't honestly say just who was nicest and most popular guest we've ever hosted; but Gemma is definitely a strong contender for the title.




Some peope are just born to lead. Lovely little (she's pretty and tiny) Maria is a Spanish speaker from Madrid. She was here, like as lot of students, to improve her English skills at a local language school.

Most of the young Latino students from Mexico/South America, congregate and spend virtually all of their free time conversing in their native tongue, Spanish.

Maria, on the other hand, demands to be spoken to using English. As a result, her language skills have improved greatly during her time here. A lot of young students stand to benefit from her example.

Ollie - Canadiana Hostels Toronto backpackers ontario canada


As soon as you see June from New Zealand she commands your full attention. That's why this tall and striking Chinese/Kiwi was quickly hired by a Canadian marketing company in the summer of 2010.

She traveled across Canada (including almost 7 weeks Toronto) doing presentations of new products. One of her major assignments was to introduce promote the introduction of the Scion Automobile to the Canadian Market.

It was quite a brilliant move to hire June - who has a marketing background - to shill for the merits of the new product. I mean, with June as the presenter who cares what the car looks like?

IMAN - Toronto backpackers canadiana in ontario canada


Iman joined our hostel staff in 2006/2007. She proved to be a valuable asset to the smooth operation of the front office. Iman's family came to Canada from Guyana almost four decades ago. But when her parents retired and opted to move to a warmer climate in Florida, Iman stayed put. She is a Canadian through-and-through; in fact, being Toronto born makes her a bit of a rarity in this multi-cultural city.

But unfortunately, the late shifts conflicted with her family responsibilities and commitments. Fortunately, we still get to see her on a fairly regular basis. She is an avid reader and works in Chapters Mega Bookstore in the building on the block adjacent to hostel in toronto.

paris - Canadiana Hostels Toronto backpackers ontario canada


Like most hostels, we get our share of Australians. Most are "passing through" and others, have come for a year-or-two long "working holiday". Some even refer to their lives and homes in Oz as akin to Paradise. And after experiencing a Canadian winter, many might grant them that.

Paris is lovely - both the one on France and the one from Perth! Paris arrived in the fall of 2010 and really "likes" our fair city - brutal winters notwithstanding.

A former scientist (a technician in Forensic pathology), Paris plans to use Toronto as the base of an effort to "reinvent" herself. She is planning to open up a photography business right here.

We love Paris! (both the one in France, in general, and the one from "Downunder", in particular).


Bombero - Canadiana Hostels Toronto backpackers ontario canada

BOMBERO ( Firefighter)

Elisa Veregara is a BOMBERO back home in Santiago, Chile. That’s what a “Firefighter” is called in most Spanish speaking countries. She arrived in the winter of 2010 to attend classes to upgrade her English skills.

Now a full-time university student Elisa remains on constant emergency call-up as a full member of the 19th Bomberos de Santiago Company. Charged with the protection of the Lo Branchea District of Santiago, the 19th is arguably the best-trained and best-equipped Firefighting Unit in all of Chile.



camebridge grads - toronto hostels backpackers in toronto ontario canada


One of the neat things about graduating from a University in the Cambridge area is that there is a certain cachet that implies academic excellence attached to the phrase itself.

Annie and Sarah both recently graduated with degrees in English Literature; but, not from the august institution - the seventh oldest in the world - founded in the 13th century (circa 1209). There are, at least 3 universities within Cambridge itself where the population of students is around 20%.

Suffice to say that all universities in Cambridge are quality institutions and the two young ladies found few problems gaining employment for their 2010/2011 working-holiday.


Cormac - toronto backpackers ontario canada


He's tall, bright, articulate, athletic and has a really good sense of humour. It's a good thing too. He is part of the wave of backpackers escaping Irish the recession of 2009 - 2010. (With a name like CORMAC, where else could he be from?) He showed us his sense of humour after we looked up the etymology of his given name. And it does indeed come from ancient Gaelic. It means, "Impure Son"(seriously).

But Cormac can laugh about the questionable origin of his given name. Small wonder this personable young man easily landed a job as a Personal Trainer at an upscale Toronto Health Club.

Darren - Canadiana Hostels Toronto backpackers ontario canada


Darren came to us from London, England and spent six months at the hostel...sort of. After a stay of over a month, Darren "moved out"...sort of.

Like a lot of backpackers on extended stays in Toronto whose first stop was here, he never really left. He found a job, got his own apartment in the city but always remained a "fixture" around the hostel on most evenings and weekends.

It had become a familiar place in a strange city where he was sure to find friends and conversation. Our motto is "It feels like home!" As to whether or not we live up to that lofty goal...well, just ask guests like Darren.

Anna-Teres - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Youth Hostels Budget accommodation canada


Anna –Teres is a fitness fanatic from New York City (via Sweden). Anyone who doubts the value and benefit of regular exercise need only take one look at this "mid-thirties" stunner.

She came to Toronto in the dead of a December winter 2010 to participate in a workshop featuring a new exercise regimen called the "Hourglass Workout" developed by a Toronto fitness trainer. It takes dedication to ride a bus for more than ten-hours from her home in Brooklyn.

She manages the records department of a major NYC Law Firm but is now considering a job offer to develop and manage a fitness program at an upscale resort in Jamaica.

Maria - Canadiana Backpacker Hostels in toronto canada


Maria is from Pais Vasco or The Basque Country Region of Spain. It is an autonomous community of only 7,000 sq. kilometers and about 2.3 million inhabitants nestled in the crook of the Bay of Biscay between Spain and France.

She came to us for several months in 2010/2011 to study English and was easily one of the most popular guests at the hostel. She always had a kind word and ready smile for all. She was always smiling and upbeat, even after finishing a five-mile run in the dead of Toronto's winter.



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