Notable Guests at the Canadiana

Sara outside the hostel - Canadiana Backpackers Hostels in Toronto


Seventeen year-old Sara’s last name is Arroyo, which means “Little River”.

This lovely senorita from the Dominican Republic stayed at the hostel for several months studying English. She was not only physically beautiful; but a truly beautiful person who as always smiling!

She’s back home studying Architecture now and we predict that talented Sara may someday win the Pritzker Prize!

Sue - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostel Notable Guests


Sue was a retired educator from Down Under. Her nickname is “Treadie” and we don’t really know why. But, to hazard a guess, like the old Beach Boys song, “She gets around!”. Ever since her stay here at the Canadiana she has made China her home (for more than two and a half years) where she teaches at a teacher’s college.

Sue is a person who has so much life that she felt she had to “reinvent” herself after retirement.

Hostel Guests @ McVeighs - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Downtown toronto Hostel


A lot of our guests like to visit Pubs for a cold pint of the amber nectar. There are plenty of them close to the hostel.

McVeigh’s Pub is about a fifteen minute walk away but it remains a very popular destination. It is said that this Irish Pub pours the best pint of Guinness in the city! But it’s real claim to fame is that it is the pub where the 1999 hit movie “The Boondock Saints” starring Willem Dafoe was filmed. It is also the only pub in the city that will play politically incorrect “rebel songs”!

Anita - Canadiana Backpackers Downtown Toronto Backpackers Youth Hostel


Remember her name! She will likely be famous one day!

A Blues/Folk singer from Oz, Anita came for the NXNE (North by Northeast) Music Festival in June. As a solo performer in a festival of more than 400 acts, she took Toronto by storm!

She came back in late August after a successful two-month performance tour of Western Canada.

The generals daughter - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto


It was pure coincidence! All of our rooms are named in honour of famous Canadians. Catherine checked in January 2007 and was given the key to Room #26. The room by sheer chance had been named after her father Lt. General Romeo Dallaire. Her father was he commander of the United Nations contingent in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994 that resulted in the mass murder of some 800,000 people. For his valiant efforts in the face of overwhelming odds this Canadian hero was dubbed by the media: “THE LAST JUST MAN”.

Carole - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Notable Guests


Carole is a thoroughly charming and lovely lady who stayed with us for about a week in late summer of 2007.

Semi-retired and thirsty for adventure, she sold her home in the U.K. (while prices were insanely high) and began traveling. Our hostel was her last stop on a seven month world tour.

Carole practices (and teaches) such New Age concepts such as Aroma Therapy, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage.

Cary the Postman - Canadiana Backpackers Youth Hostel in Toronto


Rain, snow, sleet or hail, Cary can be counted on to visit our Toronto hostel! There’s no doubt about it he is, far and away, our most frequent visitor! You’ll find him here five days a week – whatever the weather!

He’s our postal carrier. OK! At the risk of sounding immodest, our motto is “It feels like home” and that’s because it does! Just ask Cary! He doesn’t confine his hostel visits to daily deliveries. You’ll often find him here on weekends participating in hostel events – especially our Pub crawls around Toronto!

Mich & Emily - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Downtown Toronto Budget Backpacker Accommodation


Mich first came to the Canadiana Backpackers hostel in toronto in the summer of 2006. He was the first of the “Kinross Invaders” – a group of friends from that little Scottish town who drifted into the hostel over the next two years.

In September of 2008, Mich returned to Canada with Emily – a Toronto girl he met who had been living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The two are now engaged.

Mich was also a charter member of the infamous “Canadiana Lager Louts” but we won’t tell Emily!

Hardy - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostels


Hardy Bachert is from New Zealand – sort of. He first stayed with us in the summer of 2005. He came back in the fall of 2007. He was born in Germany but moved to NZ before he was 20 to learn English.

After more than two decades there, his English is flawless (if you are generous enough to consider a Kiwi accent flawless!) He’s come to Canada twice to take courses in creative writing at the University of Toronto. He has already won second prize in a national short story contest in New Zealand. And English is his second language!


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