Notable Guests at the Canadiana

Tova & Garen - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Downtown Toronto Notable Guests


You never know whom you will meet here! Possibly your future life partner! Tova is a lady from Ottawa and Garen is from Austria. They met here at the hostel in 2002 and began dating.

They were married in 2004 and now happily reside in Vienna, Austria.

Tova and Garen are the first of, at least, three couples who have met here and later wed. They make it a point to drop by for a visit every time they return for a visit to the family in Canada.

Harry - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Hostel - Notable Guests


Harry Gooch arrived in Toronto in the dead of winter of 2006 to study comedy with the world famous "Second City Revue". If he is trying to be funny his surname should give him a good start. He also chose the right school in which to hone his craft. The school (located one block from the hostel) in the heart of downtown Toronto's Entertainment District has produced such famous comics such as: Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Mike Meyers, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy and the list goes on and on....
He put on a few shows at the hostel with several of his fellow students from the famous school.

Sabine - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Youth Hostels in downtown Toronto


Sabine a beautiful Parisian has stayed with us twice. But never for long enough! In June of 2007 she stayed about a month while here to study English. We were all delighted when she returned for a two-week extension course in September 2007! This charming young lady wasn’t gone very long before her return visit – but she was missed! And we’re all missing her again!

Monica - Canadian Backpackers Inn toronto hostels


Monica is a Police Officer from Italy. This lovely lady looks the part even when not in uniform. She favours wearing black and looks a bit like a very attractive Ninja.

She stayed at the hostel in April of 2007 on an extended English language course. She has seemingly boundless energy. Walking around town fifteen miles a day poses no problem for this energetic lady. She has over eight years of honourable service behind her but has no plans to retire in that capacity. She’s looking for a new place to put down roots. We hope it’s Toronto!

Adrian & Jo - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto Notable Guests


This charming, young, professional couple hails from a very small town near Oxford in the U.K. I can’t tell you the name (because I don’t remember) but suffice to say that it’s the kind of place where both town limit signs are on the same stick!
Adrian is an Engineer and, at first, I thought he worked in the Aerospace Industry; but, it turns out he works for the Mars Chocolate Bar Company. They were with us on their way to Kelowna, B.C. to visit Jo’s brother who settled there in the Fraser River Valley.

Dingo Dan - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronot hostels


A lot of Aussie men earn the moniker “Dingo”. It’s just a way of calling them “dogs” and particularly nasty wild dogs at that! However, most of them bear the name proudly, like an award!

Big (6’4”) Dan sent us this photo of himself at the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, D.C., loyally wearing a Canadiana Backpackers Inn T-Shirt. He proudly signed the photo, “Dingo Dan”.

Alistair - Canadiana Backpackers Inn Toronto - Notable Guests


We get a lot of return visitors here at the Canadiana!

“To anyone who is staying here or just arrived: This is the best hostel EVER! Enjoy the moment!”

That was the comment left in our book by Alistair from Scotland, when he left here at the end of the summer of 2006! He came back for a visit in 2008. As so often happens here, our guests become good friends. It’s always good to see them again!

Colin - Canadiana Backpackers Inn resident coffee expert


Colin, from Scotland, was with us for about 10 months. In that time he became one of the hostel’s best liked and respected guests. Kind and generous, he was known as the “Coffee Expert” and could brew an excellent pot of coffee. He knew everything about coffee except how to drink it! He doesn’t like it! While in Canada, he was employed by Starbuck’s – the huge coffee chain. It was there that he learned all about coffee; except, how to enjoy a cup!

Big Mike - A regular visitor to the Canadiana Backpackers hostel


Mike came to us from a small town in Southwestern Ontario in 2001. He arrived to study Broadcasting at a school in Toronto. He stayed with us for several months until he found his own apartment.

But like so many others, he regards the Canadiana as a “Home Away from Home”. He drops by regularly for a visit and attends a lot of our important functions such as our Annual Christmas Dinner.

He’s a budding actor/standup comedian so it is not surprising he is regularly in our neighourhood, the “Entertainment District”.

Diana - Canadiana Events Coordinator - Toronto backpackers yoth hostel


Diana came to us from Germany in the summer of 2008 on a working holiday. She was actually born in the former East Germany but was only about two years old when the Berlin Wall finally fell.

It is hard to picture her as coming from the former “East” Germany because we remember it as a oppressive and depressing place. But no once can recall ever seeing Diana without her sunny, trademark smile!

She now works at the hostel and organizes our daily “events”.


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